"And I will restore to you says the Lord" - Joel 2:25

About Us


Restoration Uganda is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to establish and maintain student sponsorships for boys and girls in Kampala through the Restoration Assembly Church in Nakulabye.

Sponsors commit to consistently give a set amount around $25-75 per month to go towards the cost of education for a child(ren) in Kampala.

Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the sponsorships through regular communication with the sponsors and the school administrator in Kampala.

Our director travels to Uganda annually to ensure all students are still receiving their education. Sponsors are given update pictures, personal information, and letters each year. Sponsors are also given opportunities to provide letters, pictures, and gifts for their students.

Students enter the program through the Restoration Primary School of the church in Nakulabye, a very poor region of Kampala. The sponsors donate a little more than $25 each month, which provides the students with uniforms, tuition, books, supplies, and a daily meal. This monthly donation through Restoration Uganda has a greater impact than just the sponsored student: it provides for teacher's salaries, scholarships to non-sponsored students, and new facilities for the school.

Since its conception in 2009, over 1000 students have been impacted through Restoration Uganda. Today, over 225 students are being sponsored through this ministry. Restoration Uganda also has as its secondary goal the welfare of the Restoration Children's Village, an orphanage established in 2007 by our director and the Restoration Assembly Church of Nakulabye.

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