"And I will restore to you says the Lord" - Joel 2:25

Restoration Primary School

The Restoration Primary School

The Restoration Primary School began in 2000 as a ministry of the Restoration Assembly Church in Nakulabye with the goal of providing education to those in the community. Through the sponsorships of Restoration Uganda the school has been impacted in many ways.

Quality of Education

In order to move from Primary 7 into Secondary School, all students in Uganda must complete a nationally administered PLE Test (Primary Leaving Exam). There are four levels of a passing grade on the PLE and about twenty percent of all students in the nation fail to pass the exam, eliminating them from entering into Secondary School. In the last five years, every student graduating from the Restoration Primary School has not only passed the PLE, but has achieved one of the top two levels on the exam. Forty-four percent of our students have achieved the highest score, while the national average is at just over six percent.


Upgraded Facilities

The Restoration Primary School has gone through two building projects in the last 7 years.

We have moved from rented facilities in 2010 into a temporary structure in 2012.

We then broke ground on our long-term permanent facility in 2014. Students occupied this building without completed doors and windows in 2016.

We are currently raising funds to complete this facility.


Daily Meals

Most students in our school live nearby and walk to school.

Years ago, we discovered that a large number of children who went home during lunch break did not have food to eat.

They came to school hungry and their academic performance was suffering.

In 2011, we instituted a ministry where every student in the school is fed twice a day, creating healthier students and better academics.

Your Restoration Uganda sponsorship, not only provides for your student, but helps feed hundreds of students every day!


Lives Changed

Over the years, the school has grown to about 350 students in Nursery and Primary grades.

Although only about one third of these students have a direct sponsor through this ministry, every student in our school is benefitting from the quality education, facility, and daily meals.

In addition, the vast majority of students are receiving a partial or full scholarship through the funds brought into the school through Restoration Uganda. In other words, every student in our school is sponsored.


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