"And I will restore to you says the Lord" - Joel 2:25

Restoration Children's Village

There are over Two Million Orphans in Uganda!

During our director's first trip to Uganda in 2007, the Restoration Children's Village Orphanage was established.

First Baptist Church of Monroe, Washinton and the Restoration Assembly Church of Nakulabye partnered to establish this Village.


In 2007, Jim Shiner and 18 others from his church travelled to Uganda to help establish the first house.

Since that time, two other homes have been built. The goal was for a local church in the United States to sponsor a complete household of 8 children and 2 adults for $10,000 a year.

The Restoration Assembly Church would provide the "parents" for the home and help provide a loving and safe environment for these orphans to become a family.



In February 2008, the first 8 children moved into our village.

Seven of the eight children still live there today, when they are not in boarding school. They have become a family, and this is their home.

Pastor Frank and Hellen have become their "Papa and Mamma", along with the adults who live and raise the children daily.

The other orphans have become their brothers and sisters.



Over the years, the vision of finding local churches to commit to raise an entire household did not come to pass.

Today, Restoration Uganda attempts to find each student in the orphanage an individual sponsor.

In order to help sustain life for the entire orphanage, the sponsorship donations are significantly higher. $50 per month while in Primary School and $100 per month for Secondary and University.

To sponsor a child in our orphanage, visit our "Sponsor a Child" page.


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